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Screen tenants from your ManageZoom account instantly. We offer quality reports at the lowest price in the screening industry. Mix and match reports or order only what you need.

Mix and Match Reports

Pick one or more reports to put together your own tenant screening package. Not sure what to order? Contact us.

The following reports require underwriting

What is underwriting? Underwriting is required by credit bureaus for the credit reports below. You must first submit a few documents, such as your driver’s license and a signed rental application. than, an inspection of your home or commercial office is scheduled. Contact us to get approved, its easy.

Experian Credit Report With Score $8.95

This report comes from Experian and is scored from 300-850 to rate a tenant based on their history of payments, open trade lines, public records, and more.

Canadian Equifax Credit Report $29.95

Find out more about a tenant’s credit history even if they’ve previously lived in Canada.

Tri-Merge Credit Report with FICO Score $29.95

Want to know what all three bureaus say about your tenant’s credit history? Use three different scoring models to get a comprehensive look at their financial responsibility.

Experian Credit report with no Score $6.95

Get a listing of your potential tenant’s payment history, open lines of credit, bankruptcies, liens, judgements, and more.