ManageZoom Dashboard

1. Balances Section

Glance at information for each property, and click a property to quickly access more details about that specific property.

  • Rent Amount: View the rent amount for each property
  • Balances: Check the balances for each property, highlighted in red font
  • Lease Start and End Date: Take a look at the lease end dates to stay on track
  • Post Income: Click a “Post Income” link to record new income such as rent or bill payments from your tenants. You’ll be able to include the date paid, payment type (cash, credit card, check, etc.), tenant name, and income category (late fees, rent, security deposit, etc.)

2. Messages Section

Scroll through communications from future and current tenants, by clicking on “Move-Out Notices”, “Maintenance Requests”, or “New Application”.

Move out notices: Tenants can login to their account and submit a move out notice that will appear in this message section. The notification will state the property name, renter’s name, and move out date.

Maintenance requests: Tenants can login to their account to post a maintenance request. You’ll be able to view the date the request was submitted, the property name, and the message from the tenant. You can click on “change status” to indicate a request that is “New”, “Reviewed”, “In Progress”, or “Completed”. This will help you track your progress on each maintenance request.

New application: When a potential tenant completes your online rental application, they’ll appear in this section. You’ll be able to view the date they submitted the application, the property they are applying for, and the move-in date (if there is one).

You can also view and change the status of the application to any of the following:

  • Approved
  • Declined
  • Found another place
  • Application emailed
  • Pending
  • Processing
  • Declines on credit
  • Only doing credit check
  • Application emailed
  • Application completed
  • Waiting on approval
  • Tenant
  • Application emailed
  • Application started
  • Declined on criminal
  • On hold
  • Application started
  • Pending

3. Vacancy Section

View current vacancies. When you’ve filled a vacancy, click on “New Lease” to add a tenant, indicate the lease dates, and rent amount.
The second section “Expiring Leases” gives you an overview of leases that will expire within 60 days.

4. Summary Section


Select a property from a drop down to view a summary for just one property, or look at all properties to see an overview of income and expenses.