If you manage more than one property, you know getting a single report of all your properties is not an easy task. ManageZoom provides property managers and landlords with access to several downloadable management reports so you can view all your properties in one report. Reports include accounting summaries, move-out notices, lead progress, and more.


Print out a summary report of balances, messages, vacancies, income, and expenses in a specific date range to share with your team.


Stay on top of rental leads and view upcoming appointments to keep up with new clients you’ve added to your portfolio. Customer Relation Management (CRM) is built right into ManageZoom to help you manage eachinteraction with applicants and tenants. If you have multiple employees, you can have them create their own login and enter in their own updates on how they are managing leads. Print out a lead/applicant report to help you keep track of both your team’s progress.

View a snapshot of:

  • Where an applicant is in the process
  • What property they are applying for
  • When they’ll be moving in
  • Whether the background check has processed
  • Whether all the required documents have been submitted

Once you pull a full report of what is going on, you can share with your team to take purposeful action steps to convert an applicant into a tenant quickly.


Print out a list of your current property portfolios. Clicking on each portfolio will provide you with management reports for the properties in that portfolio. This makes it easy to share management reports for only the properties related to a specific partner, investor, or client.


View or manage move out notices either from your dashboard or from a drop-down menu under “Manage”. Then export a full report of upcoming move-outs you can follow-up on or share with your team, so you can address lease renewals in a timely manner.