Manage Maintenance Tasks

Tenants or the landlord can post a maintenance request. Maintenance requests appear on your dashboard and under “Manage”. Then by simply clicking on “New Maintenance Request” you can add a new item to the list.

Create a Maintenance Request

Fill out a maintenance request that will track:

  • The property
  • Maintenance category
  • Date submitted
  • Contact person/phone

Then, assign the task to an employee if needed, and assign a vendor you have on file.

Lastly, describe the issue briefly so you don’t forget.

Create a List of Preferred Vendors

Start a list of vendors so that you can easily assign a vendor to a maintenance request when an issue comes up. Just click on “Vendors” under the “Manage” section. Then click “Add Vendor”.

By clicking on “Add Vendor” you’ll be taken to the vendor registration page below. You can edit a vendor at any time and add notes about the vendor if needed.